Minutes: Meetup Friday night Rouses 28.10.2022

Hi all, see below for quick summary of last Friday’s meeting, and other developments.

In attendance: Seosamh Cahill, Colm Cahill, Paul Barrett, Ronan Quinn, Conor Hickey, Sid Murphy, Darren Hallinan.


  • Needs: something akin to facilities offered by former Temple bar music centre probably covers all bases (venue, bar, practice/teaching facility, general art space).
  • Premises, prefer industrial unit (less repairs) in/near Ballina but open to all suggestions. Priority that people identify possible premises but no direct approach yet.
  • Agreed to use trello.com to co-ordinate (see link below)
  • Agreed not to get bogged down in licensing issue, plenty can be done with a space while that is resolved (Sid and Conor mentioed underage/youth gigs, practice, closed gigs and lessons for example).
  • Agreed to reach out to https://www.giveusthenight.com/

Other developments:

  • Contacted Billy Lewis, Billy is/was involved in the IRD and has experience in the entertainment industry. He advised to contact Pearse Farrell (Icehouse hotel) who is keen to improve the nightlife in Ballina.
  • Spoke with Paul Hogan. Paul’s uncle founded Dolan’s warehouse in Limerick city. I won’t steal Paul’s lines (he hopes to join us at the next meeting) but he explained to me how his uncle faced a similar set of circumstances to those facing us when he opened Dolan’s initially.
  • We knew a member of the team at Westival so we went over to meet them. The manager Sarah Byrne offered to help / advise on funding/interacting with Culture Ireland.


Draft Bill has been published and can be viewed here https://www.gov.ie/en/publication/f46eb-general-scheme-of-sale-of-alcohol-bill-2022/


We have a project management board, ping me for invite.

As always if you know anyone who should be involved but isn’t on the email list, please include them, thanks.