Minutes: Meetup Friday night Rouses 24.02.2023

Hello all.

The minutes for the meeting on 24.03.23 in Rouses are as follows:

In attendance:

  • Ronan Quinn (had to leave early)
  • Seo Cahill,
  • Colm Cahill,
  • Paul Hogan,
  • Joe Clark,
  • Conor Hickey,
  • Peter Murphy,
  • Eoin Browne


  • Form of organization and founding rule-
  • Appointment of officers (required for funding applications etc)
  • Upcoming event in Arts centre
  • Offer of Pearse street Premises (old paint shop beside ‘gem’) for initial stand alone NCF event
  • Necessary preparations for own events:
    • alcohol (byob) / smoking (area)
    • security (inspect premises and plan)
    • Insurance (estimate ~ 300 - 500 euro p.a. public liability)
    • Imro / PPI costs (estimate ~ 100 euro p.a.)
    • entry fee (sliding scale from free)
  • Experience of Paul’s uncle when starting Dolan’s warehouse in Limerick, perhaps he can advise help when we start booking artists.
  • Peter and Conor spoke of experience running events and high demand from local artists for opportunities to perform.
  • Ken Killeen from Ballina, current director of Improvised music https://www.improvisedmusic.ie/about/team-board. Would be good to reach out to Ken for advice.


  • Colm appointed as treasurer.
  • Seo appointed as secretary.
  • Peter and Conor as joint chairpersons.
  • Adopt International Cooperative Alliance rules as initial rules binding the association.
  • NCF will be an unincorporated association initially, transitioning to a CLG if/when merited.
  • Treasurer will open and manage N26 (free) bank account or similar to handle initial small grants / costs on behalf of association.
  • We will publicise the Arts centre event through our networks, with the aim of getting a decent crowd out and increasing NC membership.
  • We will aim to run the first NCF gig in Pearse street premises in April / May as a limited test event and reassess after.
  • Peter and Conor (possibly Ronan also?) will contact Martin Devanney to view Pearse St premises and assess suitability for event.
  • Seo will confirm arts centre event and send out notification of same asap. Provisional date/time is Sat 25th March, 9pm till 11pm
  • Colm will set up bank account and complete Mayo ppn bank form and submit.