THENCF etymology

We get this question a lot, what does the name mean?

The short answer is…nothing. But it’s a little more complicated than that.

Es war einmal, we were sitting in Rouses drinking pints and bandying this idea of founding a European style Kollectiv, based in Ballina. By the serendipitous process known informally as “Keyser Söze”, we gazed behind the bar and found a name.

Ballina Irish Basketball Champions 1991

Irish agrarian reform led ultimately to political freedom and the nascent co-operative movement in the 19th century had a large part to play in that, Horace Plunkett being the main mover.

An Irish co-operative is something to be, you could say.

But more than that, the NCF, our (now corporatized) local co-op had a cool logo and was part of our local mythos, personified in the all conquering 90s basketball team.

Apropos of all-conquering 90s outfits, what exactly is the connection between THENCF and the KLF? We’ll leave that for you, dear reader, to decipher.


We feel it’s important to reinterpret and incorporate local cultural artifacts into our design space. That’s why the first image you will see when you visit THENCF is a liquid light show - an homage to the Savoy cinema prelude and interlude experience.

Savoy Cinema Ballina

Physical Localization In Cultural Detritus. Countering Instaculture Tending Towards Extreme Homogeneity.

Although neither the former nor latter pith can be rearranged to make an acronym that equals THENCF, they are true to us.

If you speak the native dialect you must likely pronounce THENCF as “th'ncf”. But there is nothing wrong with voicing “then, cf” if that’s how you feel about it.

In summation and to finish, we hope you have found this apocryphal etymological survey to be comprehensive, conclusive, convincing and to your personal taste.

Your faithful THENCF.