Donal Dineen, Katie’s Corner, Ballina, Culture Night 22.09.2023

Donal Dineen

THENCFis bringing Donal Dineen all the way up from the Kingdom to Ballina* where he will round off Culture night 2023 in style.

Donal is Ireland’s foremost alternative DJ and is currently touring a set entitled “Backstory”. He is a veteran broadcaster of content so uncompromisingly erudite that the media guardians will only put it out of a weekday, after bedtime and for a short while, if at all.

Donal is also a renowned and prolific video and media artist.

But most of all - and I’m sure he’s so very, very tired of hearing it - Donal is the man from No Disco. If you don’t know Disco already here’s a retrospective. Nostaliga follows.

Spiritualized Let if flow

For at least one season this ode to the Ballinese was the leitmotif.

Beastie Boys Pass the mic

Like Jimmy Coyles I’m DYNAMITE

Wormhole Lay it on

The best Irish music video of all time

Supergrass Mansize Rooster


Orbital The Box

The Tilda who fell to earth.

Björk army of me

A cyberpunk masterpiece.

Massive Attack protection



Map below, music will start around 9pm-ish with THENCFer Paul Barrett first, then Donal taking over from around 22:30 until ausgekicked.

*Mea culpa Muintir Ardnaree


This event is being funded by Mayo County Council, the Arts Council and Creative Ireland as part of Culture Night 2023.